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principal selg drugs to an undercover agent. robert honda tells us what police found in the apartment hiding inside a teddy bear. >> the school principal for montague elementary remains in minimum security jail facility. for now eric dean lew i didn't say yesterday five felony counts. it's possible the 42-year-old could face more charges de pending on what investigators find from computers seized at his school and hidden camera taken from a san francisco apartment. louis was arrested thursday after allegedly offering drugs to an undercover agent contacted through a dating web site adam for adam. according to a report, louis has hidden cameras in his home including in a teddy bear. >> who knows. everyone's got his own lifestyle. it could have been for the dates he brought home. >> it's always disturbing to see something that might have involved a child, but we don't know that yet. >> i entirely doubt that any of his activities or goings on happened on school property. there are so many other people around. >> according to the report center, says from work regarding meeting up for meth ampheta
to an undercover officer. robert honda has new details for the principal's first court appearance. >> 42-year-old eric dean louis appeared subdued in the courtroom this afternoon. the principal in montague elementary school in santa clara faces drug charges. louis was arrested at this caltrain station in san francisco thursday afsh. investigators say he had arranged to meet what turned out to be an undercover agent contacted through a dating web site. a search here at louis's san francisco apartment turned up a quarter ounce of meth amphetamine and the other drug. then agents came to the school and seized the principal's computer. >> i think it's very difficult. it's very shocking. it's a very sad time for the school. >> parents who taught were also shot. louis was principal here for only seven years, seemed popular and ironically set up anti-drug programs. most parents were informed by a letter from the school. >> we were really quite disappointed because mr. louis is quite respected here. >> the prosecutor says there is no indication any children were involved and louis has no prior crimina
for the mom who left her daughter behind after an attempted shoplifting in morgan hill. robert honda says the mother is on the run with her baby boy. >> reporter: a morgan hill police officer and a representative of child protective services came to the home of martha kelins mother here today. as we have been reporting. on september 19th the 38-year- old drove off and left her 10- year-old daughter behind after they were caught trying to leave the safeway store with a cart full of unpaid items. >> police? >> the 10-year-old daughter is staying with her grandmother. today the authorities were there to give her temporary custody of the child. that is when the police found out she is on the run with her son, ashton between 11 and 12 months old. >> our detective contacted them via telephone. she is in the tahoe area. they may be suicidal. they contacted me. at this time the information that we have we believe it may be in danger. >> reporter: the police provided those agencies with a picture and vehicle description. a green ford expedition with a wyoming license plate 41118. but -- >> we be
appearing in court to answer charges of selling drugs to an undercover officer. robert honda attended the court appearance and learned authorities are not yet ready to let him out. >> 42-year-old eric dean louis appeared subdued. the principal faces felony drug charges including possession, and sale. he was arrested at this caltrain station in san francisco thursday afternoon. investigators say he had arranged to meet what turned out to be an undercover agent contacted through a dating website. a search of his apartment turned up a quarter ounce of meth and the other drugs. then agents came to the school and seized his computer. >> it's very difficult, it's very shocking, very sad sometime for the school. >> reporter: parents were shocked. he was principal here for seven years, seemed popular and set up anti drug programs, most were told by a letter from the school. >> really disappoint . >> reporter: there was no indication of children being involved and he has no prior recordn. court the prosecutor argued he should not be released because he lives outside the county and investiga
to leave the server up and running in an attempt to track the hackers. >>> honda is recalling 600,000 cars with faulty steering notices. the recall is for v6 hondas from 2003 to 2007. only one fire has been reported and no injuries or crashes. the car maker says it will replace the hoses for free but won't actually have the parts until early next year. anyone suspecting a leak should take their accord to a dealer for inspection. >>> anthem blue cross -- it must also offer them each one year of credit monitoring. they must also pay the state $150,000. anthem blue cross did not admit any wrong doing in the settlement. >>> in news of the world in afghanistan, three americans were killed in a suicide attack in the city of host. 16 afghan civilians and police officers did die. the suicide bomber road on a bicycle. the taliban claimed responsible. >>> in hong kong officials say 36 people died when a chartered passenger boat collided with a ferry in the harbor. the stern of the charter boat ended up under water. more than 100 people were rescued. many of them were suffering from hypotherima. >>>
. at yosemite, robert honda, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> starting monday, sales taxes are going up in parts of the bay area in contra costa county, people in hercules and san pablo will be paying more. in each case, the increase is one half of one percent. >>> landlords can no longer force renters to declaw their pets in california. governor jerry brown has signed a bill that make it is illegal for landlords to reject tenants. >>> today, scoot networks introduced the first network of shared electric scooters. users can sign up, and rent them for $5 an hour, or $10 for the day. a special app on your smart phone plugs into the dash to operate the scooter. right now, the scooters are available at four locations in the south of market area, but scoot also has plans to expand. >>> stock markets fell on news from europe. there was some positive news about the housing market in the united states, but economic protests in greece and concerns about spain drove stock prices down. >>> dozens of miniature horses facing eviction. the ultimatum given today >>> the man suspected of poisoning his girlfrien
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